Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Nature's Reminders

Observing nature is a wonderful way to start a day. This morning watching the eastern sky gave a vivd reminder of the wonder and color which surrounds us on a daily basis. With a forecast of clouds and rain the chances of seeing a sunrise were limited. However, there was a brilliant red line above a local rise with bare trees that looked like a scene from a photograph. As time passed the colors changed from the brighter hue to softer shades of pink, blue, and purple then disappeared behind the clouds. This reminds me of a statement I overheard from a flight attendant on a recent trip. He said he loved his job because he got to see the sun everyday even when it's cloudy. We always take it for granted that the sun rises everyday even when we can't always see it. Taking a moment to realize how much this relates to our lives gives us a better appreciation for all our gifts and blessings. At this time of the year it is very easy to feel and see the acts of of love and caring, which seem to fade with the season. Looking at nature with it's subtle changes and chances for renewal can reminds that the nurturing love and caring are present and available everyday if we take the time to stop and enjoy these gifts. Using all your senses to enjoy the free gifts that nature can supply can be a wonderful way of reducing or relieving the stress from today's hectic lives!

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